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Please note signup automatically logs you in and sets you with a 30 day auto logon cookie. is a specialization for upc to product search. Our search is based on our own upc database and other APIs with over than 5 million products online.

If you are business owner or web developer or mobile application developer and looking for a simple way to implement your barcode search, you are at the right place.

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Advantages of becoming a member
  • Use our web service for free to search for upc and get product information.
  • We carry products from retailer databases which includes more than 5 million products.
  • Generate barcode image on the fly for 12-digit and 13-digit UPC/EAN code.
  • Uniform result set with result data in CSV format.
  • Multiple currency support and eliminates results with no price or currency.
  • Applies the UCC council standards for validity checks for the UPC codes.
  • Integrates Retail Product Search APIs.